Betting: The new found Phenomenon by Nigerian Youths by Lateef Ajibade

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Betting has being one of the best reasons for football fans to watch football.  Football, being the most watched game in the world, has welcomed different websites and companies that deals with predicting odds in the game. Football betting is an act of forecasting the result of a football match. 

How it works

There have being different ways in winning bets in football games. Almost every bet companies have their own websites that they operate from and the most common way is to go to the bet shop to stake a game. But right now, things have advanced; people have found a new way of playing their bets which is “online bet”. Online bet is when you register at the bet website and upgrade your bet account with money from either your mobile phone number account or bank account or through one’s ATM card. 

How to play

Let’s assume Chelsea is to play Manchester United at home, that means Chelsea will represent 1 and Manchester United will represent 2. Because whoever is at home will b given number 1 while the away will b given number 2. There are a lot of things to predict in game, things like:

Straight winning

Straight winning is divided into two parts. I explained that home team is 1, while away is 2. If one wants to predict that Chelsea will win, one will click on 1 and If it is Man Utd , that will be two.

Double chance

Double chance is when you give your team two chances which are to either win or draw. It represents 1X or X2. 1X mean Chelsea win or draw and X2 mean Man Utd to win or draw. 

Goals predictions / correct score

There are so many ways of predicting goals in a game. We can predict a correct score whereby we predict what the full time results will be (that always involve a big odds) or we can predict how many goals they will score. To score 1 or more is over 0.5, to score 2 or more is over 1.5, to score 3 or more is over 2.5 and so on. Chances are also being given to predict if a home team or an away team is going to score. So also first half and second half prediction too are given different odds for prediction respectively

Most scoring

In most scoring, there are also three parts. We have most scoring first half, we have most scoring second half and we have most scoring equal. Most scoring first half means you are predicting that the both teams will score more numbers of goals in the first half than second half, that’s always involve a big odds because to score more goals in first half comes once in a while. When you stake that both teams will score more numbers of goals in second half, that is most scoring second half. And when you stake that the numbers of goals in first half will be as equal as the numbers of goals in second half that is most scoring equal.

Full time draw

This is when you predict that the result of the game will be draw . under it we have the prediction of first half draw too. So also ten minutes draw, 15, 20 and so on.

  Time to score

One can predict when the team will score their first goal. It can be between 0-15 minutes , 15-30 minutes and so on. So also one can predict which team will score first and which player to score or to score first.

     How to calculate.

Let us assume that you predict straight winning for five teams, and the odd is 4 odds, that means any amount you want to stake with it will be multiply by 4. Let’s assume you stake 1000 naira with that 4 odds , that will give you #4000 but there is always a bonus in every game , it depends on how high the games or odds is.

  In conclusion, although there are more than 50 predictions for every game, a page will only allow us to discuss those ones above. Those odds always decrease the closer the match is, so the best is so stake the game days before the game and every odds depend on the bet companies. Some people said Bet pawa has the most odds while some said it is winners golden bet, but what we all know is even if a particular bet company has the most odd , every odds is always close to each other.

Play, take a risk, one day a bet staker will smile


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