March 2, 2021


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The law of Moses wasn’t for yes & Amen.It was for opposite reaction to every action.Eye for an eye, ashes to ashes, dust to dust;Caine killed Abel & mark was on his face,a mark of death to anyone that sees him.I don’t know how sweet the world was then but I’ve painted a different picture in me.
These days I am a stranger to my own existence, to every fragment of my life.I had, frankly speaking, forgotten how tobe normal to my soul & body but peace;I’m part of a dark world that had already started serving me jaw-breaking blows.Be of good courage I won’t get consumed.
I’m retelling the biblical story of Elijahin Akbar & how God uses suffering to shake the Israelites back to their senses.don’t forget Elijah’s flight from the troopsof Jezebel & his encounters with theFifth Mountains. I’m retelling all before the coming of the rainbow stop the rain.
I’m retelling the story of Samson & Delilah.I’m retelling the story of Joseph & wife ofPotiphar after he disappointed her urge.I’m retelling Rome & her Sodom hangs .I’m retelling Moses & his breathing anger inthe wilderness before the Lord called him.I won’t make your mind think much of this.
I’m retelling Roman’ crucifixion & Judaism.I’m retelling the deterrent for a vilest crimeIn a land where everybody is like a leaf.Often times, I’ve taken blows that knockedthe enthusiasm out of me, blunted my drive, blinded my vision but I swallow it all like a necessary pill, nothing matters to life again.
Before his death men die, after his death; we still die by hanging & some beheaded,Is there much differences in what we are?Who do you express your questions towithout being laughed at or cause to shame? Remember to opt out from thisSpirited side where men are for themselves.

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