January 23, 2021

RIP Kazeem Tiamiyu By Tony Ademiluyi

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There has been a nationwide campaign especially on social media for the proscription of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) because of their excesses which results in the killing and maiming of some innocent Nigerians.

SARS was originally set up to deal with armed robbery cases but along the line, they got carried away with excessive powers and dabbled into cybercrime where they harass – to use Nigerian English – yahoo boys and suspects.

The ‘crime fighting’ body believes that every young man with dreadlocks and a smart phone is into online crime and they unleash their venom on them with ruthless efficiency.

Their most recent victim is the late Kazeem Tiamiyu, a footballer with a club in Sagamu known as Remo Stars. According to his friend who was himself nearly murdered – The footballer parked his car and left him there to get something from across the road. The SARS officials accosted him and waited for him to return back. When he did, both of them were bundled into their waiting van after they were thoroughly searched. The friend said the late footballer was pushed out of the van and then got crushed to death by an incoming vehicle. The account given by SARS was that he tried to escape and jumped out of the van and met his death when an incoming car smashed his skull to smithereens.

There was a massive protest in Sagamu against them but as usual it was an exercise in futility as nobody from the dreaded organization will get arrested and sanctioned for this needless murder.


Bill Gates mentioned that Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places to give birth to a child. If diseases don’t kill you, a trigger happy SARS official may most likely finish you off long before your time.

We got a shocking revelation from the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Peter Ogunyanwo who represented the IG at the condolence visit to the family of the slain young man that the SARS officials were on illegal duty and didn’t obtain the clearance to operate on that fateful day.

The DIG’s comment is nothing but medicine after death as the lost Tiamiyu can never be brought back to life. His father recently revealed that he was in serious talks with a club in Europe and was hoping to cross over later in the year. Tragically, he is now one more dead and forgotten statistic.

Tiamiyu may have been another Jay Jay Okocha, Nwankwo Kanu or even Odion Ighalo but all his dreams have perished before his very eye as he died in the most gruesome of ways. His crime was that he was born in the shithole of a country apologies to Donald Trump called Nigeria.

I can bet that the SARS official who was directly responsible for his demise will never be fished out and it will end up as business as usual with a long list of unresolved murder cases. If the likes of some eminent Nigerians like Bola Ige, Marshall Harry, Funsho Williams, Dipo Dina, Suliat Adedeji, Kudirat Abiola etc could have their killers walking the streets freely, who is the hitherto unknown Kazeem Tiamiyu to have his killers found?


It is high time the Federal Government hearkened to the voice of wisdom by disbanding this blood thirsty group before more needless killings will occur.

The ‘problem’ seems to be that no scion of any highly placed Nigerian has been killed yet and so they don’t care about the fate of the proletariat who were made so by the ruinous policies by the elite. It will be nauseatingly hypocritical for the elite to rise up against the body when one of their own suffers a casualty. The double standard must cease.

Let us spare a thought for the late Tiamiyu and act as if he were our own child. Parents know the pains and cost it takes to raise a child to the age of maturity – the government must be humane for once and put a soothing balm on the faces of his parents by the immediate proscription of this sinister body.

How many robbery cases has SARS successfully tackled? How many robbers have been sent to gaol through the intervention by SARS? How many armed robbers have met their waterloo through the crack efficiency of SARS?

The body has long outlived its usefulness as they have reduced themselves to extortionists of suspected cyber criminals which is a negation of the raison d’etre for why they were set up in the first place.

The generality of decent Nigerians cannot stomach this anymore; enough is enough!

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