March 5, 2021


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Frontliner By Chibuzo Emelogu

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Frontliner By Chibuzo Emelogu

Frontliner By Chibuzo Emelogu

The battlefield is full of tension,

As all the lights get dimmer.

The faceless enemy is gaining much attention,

As mankind weeps and wishes for a true healer.

The enemy has blown the war horn.

Thousands have gone even before the main war.

The world is in fear for the battle is not for mere guns.

Who will be the next to go through the Red door?

Along came heroes and heroines in white garments.

Bit by bit the light gets brighter.

In the frontline they thrive to contain the faceless enemy.

Salute to the men and women with such hearts.

Dusk to Dawn they are in the frontline.

All we know that is left is Hope.

A hope to go outside and once again see the sunshine.

Till then we wash our hands in water and mild soap.

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