March 5, 2021


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The Long Night By Chibuzo Emelogu

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The Long Night By Chibuzo Emelogu

The Long Night 

Every day I wake up to the same dream.

When will all this end? When will I flip to the next page?

It hurts so deep I can’t scream.

Silent echoes as I’m trapped in my own cage.

My best clothes are now my worst.

My worst clothes are now my best.

Celebrations and gatherings have now been lost to memories.

The world is now indeed empty.

Despite all odds the birds still sing.

Despite all odds the sun still shines.

Even though out there is without fun,

The world surely still goes on.

Now,we all know what’s more important.

Happiness is the essence, Humility is key.

Whenever the long night comes to an end,

In unity and love let’s appreciate LIFE.

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