I Might Have To Go Naked In My Next Video – Tiwa Savage says By Aanu Oluyide

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Nigerian Celebrity singer and songwriter, Tiwatope Savage, popularly known as Tiwa Savage has spoken on her forthcoming album and what the audience should expect, she made this known in an interview with the BBC when asked what should be expected of the album titled “Celia”. Tiwa explained that the album covers a whole lot of feelings and what the African woman goes through, what she is made of. Speaking with the BBC when asked, what should be expected, the 40 year old singer said she might have to go butt naked in her next video to beat her previous project.


“I might just have to go butt naked in my next video because I don’t know what else I’m going to have to do to top that one!.”

“And, just to put it out there, this was done in Nigeria. All the cast is Nigerian, the director, the AP, everybody is Nigerian.


“I love the fact that I could present this to the label and say this was done in Africa by Africans, this is what we can do. Imagine when you invest in us even more, you would get amazing work.”


Speaking about the forthcoming project, Tiwa said the album encapsulates a whole mix of the emotions an African woman goes through.


“We’re going through this pandemic, so the idea was I want to let them know that I’m still a boss, that I’m still beautiful, that I’m still African.


“People have been really really creative with it which is amazing. The album is a whole mix of the emotions an African woman goes through: love, aspiration, being bossy, being sexy, being vulnerable” she said.


Speaking further, the actress asserted that the pandemic in the world has opened her eyes to a lot of things people are going through, she illustrated that they have food, blessed to be at home and how some people can’t because they are daily earners and can only afford a day’s food.


In her words, she said “all of that is what I think the modern African woman is, and that’s what I wanted to portray. It’s really touched my heart to see that people are having a hard time during this. I mean we’re blessed to be at home, we have light, we can pile up food for months if we want to.

“But there are some people who can’t, people who only have money for today or food for today. So this pandemic has really opened my heart to the real situation of where the world is right now.”


Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian female song writer and singer, she got signed to the popular Mavin’s Record Label owned by former Mohit’s boss Don Jazzy in 2012. She has remained the most named and successful of Nigerian female artistes with a record and publishing deal with Roc Nation in 2016, making her the first Nigerian artiste to be signed to the label, then in 2019 to the renowned Universal Media Group (UMG) for a 7 year deal of music publishing and distribution. She has gone from nominations to awards, from endorsement deals to record deals.


In 2013, Tiwa Savage and her former Manager Tee billz got married in Dubai and in 2015 they announced they were expecting their first child, a son who was named Jamal. In 2016, Tee billz accused her of infidelity, Tiwa granted an interview with Thisday newspapers same year where she debunked her husband’s accusation of infidelity, then explained how he was financially reckless, takes drugs, and abandoned her. She said her marriage to him was over. Tiwa is raising their son, alone and there has been no official divorce to the effect of their marriage dissolution.


Tiwa Savage is however, a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. She has gone ahead through hard work and consistency to make a name for herself in the industry especially one that is dominated by men. Looking forward to her 6th studio album nothing less is expected than a banger.


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