Many of our parents want us to do those things they could not do when they were much younger like us. Many of them want us to go to that school, build that house, plait that kind of hair they were not able to plait when they were young. Some of them want us to read that course they could not read in their university days. Some of them want us to go to those places they could not go in their prime. Some of them want us to read those books they could not read when they were much like us. They want us to become what they could not become then.

They now have children, beautiful children and they want them to pursue and achieve those dreams they could not achieve without knowing that these young ones have their own life to live. They have different views and perspectives about life. And things are no longer the same way it was during their time. Things have changed and men have actually advanced to get many ways to achieve a particular goal. Life in some places is no longer what you study in school but what you can do to help humanity. Life in some places is no more how many certificates you’ve acquired but what you can be able to offer to the society at large with them. We now live in a society that craves for ways to help humanity to be in peace with itself.

Whose dreams are you chasing: your father’s or that of your mother? Whose career are you building? Is it the career of your mother (the one she chose for you), that of your uncle or that of your father? Is that course you are studying in school really what you want to study? Are you reading that course because your mother or father or your uncle or aunty wants you to read it to keep the family name going?  Or your school gave it to you and you decided to go for it after many years of staying at home? Why are you where you are?  Whose hashtag do you want to follow: yours or that of your father and mother? I think it is time you retrace your steps to know what you want in life. Don’t do it because your father wants you to do it to keep the family lineage going. It may back fire in the coming future or it may not back fire. But let the truth be told, you don’t need to become a doctor because your father is a doctor if being a doctor is not in your agenda. You don’t need to become a lawyer because your father is a lawyer and he wants you to continue from where he would stop.

Although they are your parents, they don’t decide your future for you. Although they gave you life, but they don’t need to decide the kind of life you live. You are of tomorrow and they, were of yesterday. You don’t have to chase the dreams they were not able to achieve yesterday. You don’t have to live the life they could not live yesterday. You have your own life to live. A life of hope and colours. A life of tomorrow. Culturally, they are meant to train you in a rightful way but not giving you the life to live or how to live your life and the style of life you want to life. Try not to be the hashtag of their mistakes holding yourself in the shoes of ablutions and sins of what yesterday made in their lives. You have to stand up and fight for what you believe in and how to get your own future going in the manner to which it will benefit your generations.

Whose life are you living? Are you living the life your parents designed for you?  No wonder you were not able to express yourself the way you should express it. No wonder you are not free the way you should be because you are living a fake life; a life that is not yours. A social media life but it won’t help you in any way. You are living a life that has no meaning to you! Why don’t you drop it and fight for what you want in life? Living another’s life won’t give you the grace to live yours. A fowl goes after its life after many months of being with it mother. A goat goes after its destiny without the mother and father directing it when it comes of age. So as a human, an upper animal, why don’t you try to live your own life instead of living another person’s life or chasing another person’s dreams which are not designed for you?