Over the past few months there has been a higher number of reported rape cases in Nigeria. More than ever a lot of cases of women, young ladies, and children been raped has been brought to the limelight. Amongst these are some celebrities who also got their names dragged into the hot pot of rape cases, one of which Dbanj is. Dbanj got his name dragged when a certain Miss Seyitan Babatayo accused him of raping her in her hotel room back in 2018. However the case has been nipped in the bud with Seyitan and family not willing to probe the case no more.

With these recent events, people have been airing their different opinions as to how rape cases can be curbed one of which is the “dress appropriately” camp. This camp stands on the argument that a woman’s dressing can encourage rapists, can attract rapists to them.

Nollywood veteran actress, Victoria Inyama shared a video through her Instagram page about how women/ladies should be careful of the dress they put on. In a video shared via her Instagram page on Friday, July 31, 2020, the mother of three said it is obvious the Nigerian government is not ready to fix a penalty to rape crimes and so to avoid being a victim of rape, ladies should endeavor to dress appropriately.

“Appropriate Dressing & Comportment. It’s obvious to me that the Nigerian government is not really ready to put a fixed penalty to Rape and so l beg my ladies (minus the minors or aged victims) to plsssss  dress in appropriate clothing so as to reduce the trigger for the perpetrators,” she wrote

“Yes, it’s not about the dressing some will say & compare with Europe & America but remember they take Rape cases seriously unlike Nigerian…..Think about it🤔 #notorape #notodomesticviolence.”

It is very baffling that with the majority of recent rape cases happening to children, toddlers, middle age groups, and Hijab Muslim women, someone who is also a woman, a mother, with children would make a video or talk about how dressing is the reason for rape in Nigeria. It is very surprising that Nigeria still has women who believe your dress type is why rapists will be attracted to you. It is baffling that a woman, can come on social media to make excuses for rapists.

In Akinyele Local Government Area, Ibadan where Barakat was raped and then killed, the deceased was a Hijab Muslim lady, covering her body from head to toe. Infact, in most of the cases victims are usually very decent and properly dressed  women. How many rape cases have we heard from prostitutes? From sex workers?.

 Is she going to answer for children with no matured private parts who are raped?. Who answers for them?

At this point, our major concern should be to focus on how to discourage, how to stop, rapists not to make excuses for why they rape. That is unfair on the victims. It is a very insensitive thing to say, and the fact that it’s coming from a woman who may be a victim tomorrow, makes it more insensitive. Making excuses for rapists only empowers them the more to perpetuate the shameful and disgraceful act. There should be no reason to rape, no reason at all.

Victoria Inyama is a Nigerian actress who attributes her break out to Alex Usifo. However her career suffered a downturn when she got married to her husband Godwin Okri and relocated to the United Kingdom to focus on her family.