Now in the main opposition party, PDP, the permutations even make the arithmetic more intriguing. Having  being out of power at the national level for 8 straight years, PDP will be desperate to get back what it lost in 2015 and will be keen to watch out for APC moves and possibly try to take advantage of any slip.
Should APC shift to the South for its presidential candidate, PDP will naturally and automatically stay back at the North. The numbers are there in the North and PDP can also catch in on natural greed in humans not to let go of positions, and by so doing, attract northerner sympathizers from other political parties like APC to ensure the North retains power. The best PDP will do for the South, possibly South East, is to give vice presidency slot. I bet you, people will “understand”.
If on the other hand, APC greedily retains its presidential candidate in the North, PDP in response CAN either go to the North or to the South. Should PDP stay in the North, it has a very bright chance of winning the presidency since there is possibility of the Southern extractions within APC to revolt and leave the party to either give PDP sympathetic vote or form a new party, which in my opinion will not be anywhere near the chance of winning the presidency. In this scenario, like I opined earlier, PDP will assuage the South with VP slot. The VP slot, coupled with the idea of being back in the corridor of power, with expected benefits, will be enough to calm any frayed nerves of the South PDP, particularly the South East.
Should PDP be bold enough to take a big risk of zoning its presidential candidate to the South following APC staying in the North, then South East has a chance of clinching the ticket, but I must caution that the chance is very slim, even slimmer than that of South South. There is no doubt that South East region has been faithful to PDP right from the inception of this fourth republic, but in politics and with politicians, don’t forget, numbers count, not just faithfulness. More so, South South region has equally been a faithful supporter of PDP.
When the chips are down, the question will be with all the faithfulness of South East in continually voting in PDP at all levels, what is the voters strength or actual voters strength that South East has been bringing to the electoral table compared to South South? Answer to this question may tilt the odd seriously against South East should PDP pitch the tent of its presidential ticket with Southern Nigeria.
One consideration that can, or that should, work in favour of South East PDP, should PDP decide to pick its presidential candidate from Southern Nigeria, is if South South that produced the very last PDP Nigerian president will be magnanimous not to contest the slot with South East
Should South South PDP refused to show this understanding and maturity, I see South South coming out stronger because in addition to the higher voters strength than that of South East, the region equally has the “oil money” which will definitely come handy.
If things go as above, the South East will be appeased with Senate presidency since VP slot will now go to North. With the offer of Senate presidency, combined with the benefits of possibly being back in the ruling party and by extension, at the corridor of power, the hopefuls and big shots of South East (Igbo extraction) within PDP will mellow and push the hope of Igbo presidency to 2031, after all when there is life, there is hope.
When there is life, there is a hope. This is a great philosophy to live by. Should this permutations, or any other, turn out to produce an Igbo man or woman as president of Nigeria come 2023, it will be a good and positive development for the nation. If, on the other hand, it doesn’t work out, drums of war should not be rolled out or beaten for whatsoever reason. Igbo Presidency project, or any other regional ambition for that matter, doesn’t worth the blood of anyone of us. Let’s be truthful to ourselves – even the Northern Nigeria that has produced the leadership of Nigeria for the most part of our existence, what has it gotten to show for it? Is the region better off than the other region or other zones? It takes more than presidency to attain development.
God bless Igbo land.God bless Nigeria.