May 9, 2021


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About That Trophy Extra Special Stout Advert By Victor Popoola

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An African proverb says; “He who doesn’t want water to touch him doesn’t go near the river.” Many, if not most of our TV channels have been taken over by obscene pictures of nudity and half-nakedness in the name of programmes, adverts, etc. So many who still believe in decency and are conscious about what goes into their minds through the gates of eye and ear are mindful to avoid certain TV channels and prefer others which they believe will not offend their minds with immoral and indecent pictures.
It’s of my opinion that the TV industry is very much aware of this hence different TV channels have carved out special niches for themselves, such as sports, news, fashions, etc. Apart from the niche-based differentiations, TV channels can also be grouped as general/family TV channels or special-interest group TV channels.
With this understanding, a family man like I with firm believe in morality, and conscious of what my family members and I watch should feel comfortable to tune in to channels such as Channels TV, NTAi, TVC News, etc and avoid going near “river” of certain TV channels such as Fashion TV, EbonyTV, Entertainment TV, BBNaija, etc because I don’t want my mind to be touched by or splashed with “water” of immorality.
So it was a rude shock and big disappointment for me to see that Trophy Extra Special Stout advert on TV channels such as Channels TV and NTAi. The whole advert is tainted with indecency but of most poignant, offensive and repulsive scene is the dressing of the lady who offered a glass of Trophy Extra Special Stout to the singer, Tuface Idibia. That lady’s dressing, revealing nearly all her breast is not fit to be shown on national family TV channels like Channels TV or NTAi. That advertising is fit only to be aired on a X-rated channels or programmes.
Indecency in dressing has taken over our land, especially among the youths and young adults. We need individuals and organizations that will be ready to stand out as light in the midst of darkness. We need individuals and organizations that will not sell their souls for a plate of portage. We need media organizations that will be ready to say no to the king’s portions of advert fee in order to uphold morality and godliness in our society and I think managements of TV channels such as Channels TV, NTAi, AIT, TVC News, etc should stand up to be counted in this regard.
God bless Nigeria.

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