2020 has been a tough year, infact one hell of a year. Nobody saw it coming, nobody expected what’s to come. Infact for most people, the year was greatly anticipated as different prophesies and landmark achievements were planned for 2020. But 2020 came with a shocker. Covid 19 came knocking without informing anyone. For the past months a lot of lives have been lost to the virus, a lot of prominent people have been victims of it.

Nigerian Nollywood Actress Lola Alao gives gratitude to God for getting another chance to live again. The actress wrote on her Instagram page how she contacted the deadly Covid 19 virus and how she escaped it after weeks of isolation. Narrating her experience, the veteran actress mentioned that she couldn’t smell anything and then implore people to continue adhering to all the instructions regarding the prevention and spread of the virus adding that it is still very much around.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 but I am fine now. To God be the glory. I was sick to the bone and couldn’t smell anything. I was so scared because I had kids to take care of. You don’t ever want to imagine going into self-isolation and not seeing your loved ones”

“I don’t know what you must have heard about COVID-19, but I tell you today that it is way deadlier than you can ever think of” She wrote.

The actress and mother continued  “At this critical time when people are beginning to ignore the warnings against this virus, you can make a difference with your family members by being very conscious of the fact that it is still very much around”

“There is a thin line between life and death. Please, be nice to everyone around you always. My name is Lola Alao. Stay very safe, my people.”

Lola Alao is an actress popular in the Yoruba movie industry, she has been around for quite a while especially in movies of the 1990’s and early 2000. She marked her 50th birthday last year. Not much is known about her but a few is. That she had a daughter with her first husband. That she got married to another Adewale Yakubu Ajibola in Atlanta USA with the marriage also hitting the rocks. That she got converted from Christianity to Islam for reasons best known to her. That she runs two NGO’s, one in her daughter’s name, Damilola Ogunlana Empowerment Foundation and the other in her name, Lola Alao Foundation.

Lola Alao has been involved in a few controversies, especially regarding her love life. After her two marriages hit the rocks, there were unconfirmed rumours that she also dated ex-Kwara governor and Senate President, Bukola Saraki who showered her with money, a house, regular trips abroad, etc. She however denied the allegations, declaring she was single not long after.

Lola got into a fight in 2012 with her once best friend, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe whom she introduced to Dino Melaye. Bisi alleged that Lola was dating Melaye while accusing the senator of being responsible for her pregnancy which he denied.

A lot of scandals. However, some positive things has been attributed to her also, especially in 2019 when she won the custody battle for the children of her late friend, Aisha Abimbola who died in 2018 of breast cancer.

Well, age changes a lot. We hope that it also makes a difference in her life, especially in relation to scandals. We are happy she survived the virus, we implore everyone to stay safe.

May Nollywood never experience any loss again!