It’s often said that politics is a game. I think referring to politics as “game” is just a way to intentionally project it before the generality of people as a friendly and easy venture. To the major actors, the politicians, politics is not a game. It’s a serious business! It’s an investment window that’s is expected to yield returns.
Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is a politician. Expectedly, he is not taking politics as a game. He is taking it as a serious business; as an investment. Wike is a true party man, and I love him for that. He has stuck with the PDP through thick and thin. He, alongside the immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, landed PDP in big trouble immediately after the 2015 loss when they invited Ali Modu Sheriff to lead the party.
It was a big error and Wike realized it. Rather than wailing or jumping ship, he rolled up his sleeves and dug to the trenches to undo what he wrongly did. It was a fierce and prolonged battle, the kind that nearly consumed the party, but at last, Wike prevailed. He rescued the party from the jaw of Ali Modu Sheriff. That battle must have cost him time, strength, political wizardry and money.
The party acknowledged what Wike did for it, and they desired more, so the party’s “resurrection convention” of 2018 was pushed to him to host. He gladly did it in style, and it was a huge success. It must have cost him time, strength, political wizardry and money.
During the last gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State, Wike’s preferred candidate lost out. The then governor, Dickson Seriake, had his way in the primaries. At the main poll, Gov. Wike’s time, strength, political wizardry and money were not available. The party, PDP, lost scandalously to APC. Wike’s investment was sorely missed. It was a miracle that brought PDP back to Bayelsa Government House.
When Edo elections came knocking and APC foolishly and arrogantly rejected its own candidate, he (Gov. Obaseki) ran to Wike for redemption. Gov. Wike must have invested his time, strength, political wizardry and money to pacify the gladiators of Edo PDP and ensure Obaseki was crowned the party’s candidate, even when he came begging just about 3 days to the party’s primaries.
With the first part of the deal done, and well done by Gov. Wike, the party realized who else can handle the second and more important part of the task if not Wike, just as Pharaoh realized only Joseph could finish the task he started in the Bible. The party realized it needed more of the untiring Mr. Investor’s investment to succeed in the main election. So the party proclaimed him the Chairman, National Campaign Organization for Edo State PDP candidate.
Gov. Wike gladly accepted the assignment, after all, it’s a call for service; a call for further investment, and as it is usually said in the political parlance, Gov. Wike had delivered Edo State for PDP. That assignment, like the previous ones, must have (or definitely) cost him time, strength, political wizardry and money. Passers by or camera lens of journalists may not have seen any Bullion van, but Bullion van, or its similitude, must have moved. The bottom line, however, is that Gov. Wike had delivered yet again.
In all of this, Gov. Wike has been investing; investing his time, strength, political wizardry and money. I hope, and truly hope that when its time for Wike to reap, or demand for returns on his investment, nobody will come out to say Wike has become unwanted godfather. I hope no one will say Wike is asking for too much. I hope no one will say Wike is asking for what he is not entitled to. I hope, I just hope, no one will say it’s not his turn.
That ‘time’ for Wike to demand for his ROI may be as early as 2023! It’s in the rumours’ mill that Wike is in touch with a northerner (as a principal) for him to partner with (as VP candidate) in 2023 presidential elections. If that’s true, or if he himself demands for a shot at the No.1 seat of the land come 2023 as a return on his investments, let no person, or group of persons, begrudge him because, as all can see, now Wike is investing.

God bless Nigeria.