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The sidelining of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo by Tony Ademiluyi

In 2014, the now ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) was hurriedly formed by some progressives spearheaded by the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to wrestle power from the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under the presidency of Goodluck Ebele

ART X: Blazing the trail by Tony Ademiluyi

The concept of leisure by most black people is tragically consumerist. Most times it consists of indulging heavily in things that may later cause severe health challenges in the future. Binge drinking, smoking anything in sight, raunchy bouts of sex and a host of

Cheering news from by Tony Ademiluyi

The locust years of military rule led to ruinous economic policies that led to the decimation of the Nigerian middle class which led to the exodus of the brightest of minds to foreign climes on economic asylum especially to the west. The Ibrahim Babangida

Unmasking the Border Closure by Tony Ademiluyi

In 1949, the Peoples Republic of China came into being after Chairman Mao Zedong came to power and entrenched communism into the once ancient empire – one of the few never to have been colonized. He immediately turned to the then Soviet Union to

LGBT in Nigeria: Is the narrative changing? By Tony Ademiluyi

I am an alumnus of the prestigious Kings College Lagos which is the only Federal Government College for boys in the country. I came into contact with homosexuals who were also known as faggots or fags for short. There was no discrimination of any

Social Media Regulation in Nigeria by Tony Ademiluyi

The advent of the social media has redefined who a journalist is. The exclusive preserve role once held by the Gentlemen of the Press in news gathering, dissemination and public opinion moulding has now been democratized and thrown open to just about anybody who

The Season of Pessimism by Chidiebube Onye Okohia

We know him by his two-matched tribal marks On both clay cheeks, the elder citizen, And by how he has chairmanned a spot with a chair he never changes Just in front of his hollow, half-alive house. His back is breaking, his legs show

UK: Return of the Two Year Work Study by Tony Ademiluyi

At a time in history the United Kingdom had the largest empire in the world. Their colonies spanned all the continents of the world and great wealth flowed into the empire. The vision for colonization was borne by Queen Elizabeth I popularly called the

Simply Mr. Sanwo-Olu by Tony Ademiluyi

The concept of the strong man is synonymous with African leaders who build up the image of indispensability and infallibility. They shield themselves from the people that they govern and are viewed as demi-gods whose whims and caprices must always be worshipped and attended

Rejection of Lion Heart: Matters Arising by Tony Ademiluyi

My relationship with nollywood movies is one of love – hate. I find them rather pedestrian as I can predict the end by merely watching the first few minutes of the movie. Despite my anger after watching the movies, I still feel irascibly drawn