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End of Birth Tourism in Uncle Sam By Tony Ademiluyi

  The west has always been very accommodating of Africans. Maybe this is a subtle way of trying to do reparation for the evils of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonialism as well as neo-colonialism which has kept the world’s second largest continent perpetually

Harry and Meghan Markle’s Quest for Independence By Tony Ademiluyi

  The British Royal Family which is the most visible in the world has had its fair share of travails. We recall the annus horribis in 1992 when Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne separated from Princess Diana, the people’s princess. That

Donald John Trump’s Impeachment: Matters Arising by Tony Ademiluyi

After the United States of America obtained independence from Great Britain in 1789 through a war which saw the then thirteen colonies take up arms against and defeated the great army of King George III, she pursued a policy of isolationism from world affairs.

JFK’s Assassination: Fifty-Six Years After by Tony Ademiluyi

In 1929, the United States had the famous great depression which was the worst recession that hit the country. Multimillionaires suddenly became bankrupt as their worthless stocks piled up. Some jumped to their deaths from the window while others took to alcohol and gambling.

Is Malcolm X an unsung hero? By Tony Ademiluyi

I remember vividly a decade ago like yesterday when I chose my courses in my final year at the University of Lagos. I chose a course in African-American literature which was to be taught by Dr. Adetokunbo Pearse, an American returnee who had taught

Mo’Nique’s cry against colour pay gap by Tony Ademiluyi

Blacks were treated less than sub humans during the gory days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade when slaves were bought from Africa, hurled into ships and transported to the United States to work in plantations most especially that of tobacco and sugarcane. The slaves

Is Facebook open to its black employees? By Tony Ademiluyi

Human beings have always been social animals right from time immemorial. The age-long cliché ‘No man is an island’ rings true and aptly describe interaction among mortals while on this planet. Technological advances in the 20th century which led to the advent of the

Cheering news from by Tony Ademiluyi

The locust years of military rule led to ruinous economic policies that led to the decimation of the Nigerian middle class which led to the exodus of the brightest of minds to foreign climes on economic asylum especially to the west. The Ibrahim Babangida

UK: Return of the Two Year Work Study by Tony Ademiluyi

At a time in history the United Kingdom had the largest empire in the world. Their colonies spanned all the continents of the world and great wealth flowed into the empire. The vision for colonization was borne by Queen Elizabeth I popularly called the