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Institutionalized Racism, Police Brutality and the ‘Black Lives Matter’: Lessons from the Murder of George Floyd By Dr. Michael Nwankpa

Racism should have no place in any human society in this day and age. Sadly, America is gripped by a large scale anti-racism protest that has spread like wild fire to major cities in countries across the globe including the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Mindless Murder of George Floyd By Tony Ademiluyi

  The Trans-Atlantic slave trade that spanned the 18th and 19th century was one of the most brutal assaults on the human race. Human beings from the African continent were treated worse than sub humans and animals. They were packed like sardines into waiting

Covid 19: Can Africa rescue the world? By Tony Ademiluyi

  In an interview granted by the world’s former wealthiest man who held that position for close to two decades, Bill Gates attributed his mind blowing success to the environment that he was born into. He doubted if he would have been a runaway

Covid 19: The Insensitivity of the Nigerian Government for Thailand Returnees By Tony Ademiluyi

  Migration from one country to another is as old as man. We remember the Biblical Cain who had to go on exile to a foreign land after his cruel murder of his brother, Abel. Still talking Biblically, Abraham was called by God when

End of Birth Tourism in Uncle Sam By Tony Ademiluyi

  The west has always been very accommodating of Africans. Maybe this is a subtle way of trying to do reparation for the evils of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonialism as well as neo-colonialism which has kept the world’s second largest continent perpetually

Harry and Meghan Markle’s Quest for Independence By Tony Ademiluyi

  The British Royal Family which is the most visible in the world has had its fair share of travails. We recall the annus horribis in 1992 when Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne separated from Princess Diana, the people’s princess. That

Donald John Trump’s Impeachment: Matters Arising by Tony Ademiluyi

After the United States of America obtained independence from Great Britain in 1789 through a war which saw the then thirteen colonies take up arms against and defeated the great army of King George III, she pursued a policy of isolationism from world affairs.

With Love From Donald Trump By Tony Ademiluyi

President Donald John Trump cuts the picture of a white supremacist and racist. During the campaign for the White House in 2016,he told the nation that he was going to build a wall to prevent desperate Mexicans from crossing the border into the United

JFK’s Assassination: Fifty-Six Years After by Tony Ademiluyi

In 1929, the United States had the famous great depression which was the worst recession that hit the country. Multimillionaires suddenly became bankrupt as their worthless stocks piled up. Some jumped to their deaths from the window while others took to alcohol and gambling.

Is Malcolm X an unsung hero? By Tony Ademiluyi

I remember vividly a decade ago like yesterday when I chose my courses in my final year at the University of Lagos. I chose a course in African-American literature which was to be taught by Dr. Adetokunbo Pearse, an American returnee who had taught