Trump allows Biden commence transition

US President Donald Trump has finally given the leeway to US President-Elect Joe Biden to begin the transition. Despite Trump’s claims of electoral fraud, his legal team’s attempts to have the results changed have been met with very stiff opposition from the Judges who are determined to stand by the results that gave Biden victory. […]

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Donald Trump says that the election was massively rigged

US President Donald Trump has continued to insist that the election that made his rival, Joe Biden President-Elect was massively rigged. He tweeted that the irregularities and fraud denied him of millions of votes and he is yet to concede to Joe Biden. He said on twitter: “For years the Dems have been preaching how […]

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69 year old man divorces his wife for voting for Biden

A 69 year old American is divorcing his wife and relocating to Colombia because she voted for Joe Biden. He disclosed this on twitter and was shocked at his wife’s behaviour because they were together for thirty years. He said the divorce papers have been signed and he won’t return to the country until it […]

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Biden is not yet President – Trump

US President Donald Trump has warned his Democratic Party Challenger, Joe Biden of seeing himself as the next President despite being ahead in the Electoral College Votes. Trump tweeted: “Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!” According to recent […]

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Photo – Man Writes Church Demands His Offering He Paid From 1998 -2017

A Kenyan Christian man Dishon Kinyanjui Kinuthia has written a letter to his church, demanding a refund of all the tithes and offerings he have to the church for the 19 years he attended the church. Dishon , a Kenyan Christian a former member of Revival Mission Church, in Kabete area of Nairobi the capital […]

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Black Lifes Matters

Institutionalized Racism, Police Brutality and the ‘Black Lives Matter’: Lessons from the Murder of George Floyd By Dr. Michael Nwankpa

Racism should have no place in any human society in this day and age. Sadly, America is gripped by a large scale anti-racism protest that has spread like wild fire to major cities in countries across the globe including the United Kingdom and Australia. The global mass demonstrations are uniquely happening in the middle of […]

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Covid 19

Covid 19: Can Africa rescue the world? By Tony Ademiluyi

  In an interview granted by the world’s former wealthiest man who held that position for close to two decades, Bill Gates attributed his mind blowing success to the environment that he was born into. He doubted if he would have been a runaway success if he had been born and raised outside American soil. […]

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