January 23, 2021


We have the noble intention of maintaining our independent stance devoid of undue interference from special interest groups. We do not want our well informed commentary to be tainted with bias and this can only be made possible if we are financially free from powerful negative influencers. We count on the generosity of our numerous readers and donors all over the world to be able to stay afloat financially through monetary donations so that we can fearlessly air our views.

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Cause we are passionate about

The charity we officially adopted is autism. There are many misconceptions about this in Africa with many ignorant parents attributing it to demonic attacks. As a result, these children are maltreated and not made to achieve their full potential. We intend to champion the cause of these helpless children as they have potentials that can be positively tapped for the development of the continent. A portion of our revenue will go to this charity to contribute our bit to developing the talents of these diamonds in the rough.